Comparative Theoretical Analysis of Biochemical Aspects of Osteosynthesis by Contact and Limited Contact Plates in Transverse Fracture of Tibia (The First Report)

P.I. Bilinsky, V.P. Chaplinsky, V.A. Andreychin


The results of solid modelling and finite element analysis of tibia, synthesized with full-contact with single-plane and limited-contact multiplane fixators in the presence of traverse fracture. Comparison of the both methods of fixation has been carried out in terms of perception of physiologic stress.
The researches had shown that limited-contact multiplane fixator has much more advantages in comparison with a full-contact single-plane fixator. It excludes the change of fragments micromotion into macromotion in loading, has smaller stress and removes plate pressure on the bone.


tibial fracture; limited-contact multiplane osteosynthesis; finite element method


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