Experimental Research of the Modulus of Elasticity of the Intervertebral Disc of the Thoracic Spine of Pig

V.A. Radchenko, K.A. Popsuyshapka, M.Y. Karpinskiy, E.D. Karpinskaya, S.A. Teslenko


Introduction. All the researchers studying vertebral-motor segments by mathematical modeling faced with the problem of finding information on the mechanical properties of tissues of the musculoskeletal system, in particular the modulus of elasticity of the intervertebral discs. The problem is that different literature sources give very different data. The aim of the study was to determine experimentally the value of the intervertebral disc of the elastic modulus using preparations of thoracic spine of pig. Materials and methods. The subject of this study was biomechanical physical model of the explosive fracture of Th12 of the spine, according to the classification of injuries of thoracic and lumbar spine by Magerl et al. (1994), that response to groups A (subgroups А2, А3), AB (subgroups B1.2, В2.3), АС (subgroup С1.3). Biomechanical physical model was performed on four anatomical preparations of vertebrate segment blocks of animal (pig). The blocks are from lower thoracic and lumbar spine and (Th9–L5) with fully saved discs and ligamentous structures. Load tests in both groups simulated vertical axial load. Results. As a result, the experimental data were obtained. The magnitude of deformation of the spine preparations was studied in normal conditions and under simulation of vertebra Th12 explosive fracture at different magnitudes of load. According to the results of the research the total magnitude of the modulus of elasticity models was calculated. The degree of spinal curvature influence on the spine longitudinal deformation was studied. The average magnitude of the modulus of elasticity of the thoracic spine intervertebral disc was calculated. Conclusions. The change in spinal curvature under load is insignificant, and can be neglected in calculating the total value of the modulus of elasticity. The increased volume of destruction of the vertebral-motor segment Th12 is associated with the reduction of the total modulus of elasticity due to segment falling out off the supporting function. On the basis of experimental data intervertebral disk modulus was defined. Its value 3.79 MPa, and it can be used for mathematical modeling of the vertebral-motor segments.


spine; intervertebral disc; modulus of elasticity


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