Hip Replacement in Elderly Patients in Intraarticular Femoral Neck Fractures

P.F. Muzychenko, O.A. Radomsky, I.V. Danylenko, V.Yu. Vendolin, G.D. Solomakhin


This paper presents an experience of hip replacement for femoral neck fractures in elderly patients.
In the introduction, the statistical data of the world press, the expediency of joint replacement and its advantages compared with internal fixation are given.
The authors have accumulated considerable clinical material (386 patients), and studied long-term results, which allowed them to draw definite conclusions in order to improve the results of treatment of this disease.


hip; cervical hip fracture; osteoporosis; hip replacement


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22141/1608-1706.2.14.2013.88634


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