Features and Basic Principles of Surgical Treatment of Congenital Syndactyly of FingersFeatures and Basic Principles of Surgical Treatment of Congenital Syndactyly of Fingers

A.V. Borzykh, Yu.B. Shakalov, I.M. Trufanov, A.I. Pogorilyak, V.V. Pasternak


Treatment of congenital deformations of the hand is one of the most urgent problems of modern orthopedics. We observed 148 children underwent 346 surgical interventions on y 175 hands at various time intervals. Depending on the form of syndactyly, patients needed from 1 in simple forms up to 5 surgeries in complicated forms. Surgical interventions were divided into groups with individual treatment approaches: 1. Interventions to earlier removal of syndactyly with simultaneous correction of associated deformities. 2. Operations aimed at improving the cosmetic condition of separated fingers. 3. Interventions to improve hand function in general and prevention of scar deformities.
Restorative treatment consisted of three periods during which there had been carried out the massage of the limb, physical therapy with a set of exercises developed individually by periods.
The best treatment outcomes were obtained in patients with simple forms of syndactyly. In the analysis of treatment outcomes for 175 hands excellent results were obtained in 109 cases (62.3 %), good — in 62 (35.4 %) cases, satisfactory — in 4 cases (2.3 %). Poor results in all types of assessment were not observed.


syndactyly; hand; surgical treatment


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