Analysis of Selection Criteria for Method of Osteosynthesis of Extra-articular Fractures of the Shin Bone (Retrospective Study)

V.G. Klimovitsky, V.Yu. Chernysh, Khatem Lafi, V.P. Tantsyura


The research is based on retrospective analysis of reasons for the choice of the type of osteosynthesis in 101 patients with 102 extra-articular fractures of the tibia. Surgical treatment was carried out with using external transosseous osteosynthesis, external fixation and intramedullary locking nailing. The factors that determined the preferential use of one of these variants of osteosynthesis depending on type of fracture, its localization, the presence of polytrauma and a number of other features of the clinical situation, were revealed. The data can be used to develop a differentiated approach to the selection of treatment of fractures of this localization.


bones of tibia; extraarticular fractures; osteosynthesis; treatment; selection criteria


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