Vol 20, No 5 (2019)

Table of Contents

Original Researches

Mathematical and computer modeling of the function of the lumbar spine segments after arthroplasty PDF (Українська)
M.O. Korzh, V.O. Kutsenko, A.I. Popov, I.B. Timchenko, O.V. Veretelnik, M.M. Tkachuk, M.A. Tkachuk 6-14
Correction of blood homeostasis in patients with septic nonunion of the shin after fractures in the perioperative period PDF (Українська)
A.K. Rushay, V.G. Klimovitsky, O.O. Martynchuk 15-19
Studying the impact of cellular technologies on the development of knee osteoarthritis in experiment PDF (Українська)
P.V. Tkachuk, S.S. Strafun 20-27
Influence of restricted mobility of the knee joint on support ability of the lower extremities (experimental studies) PDF (Українська)
V.A. Filipenko, Z.A. Arutiunian, V.O. Mezentcev, V.O. Tankut, O.D. Karpinskaya, M.Yu. Karpinsky 28-40
Histological changes of the plantar aponeurosis enthesis in plantar fasciitis PDF (Українська)
O.A. Turchin, А.V. Grigorovskaya, O.O. Kostrub, A.P. Liabakh 41-45
The changes in purine metabolism in osteoarticular form of lung cancer PDF (Русский)
O.V. Syniachenko, R.F. Aliiev, M.V. Iermolaieva, V.G. Bondar 46-52
3D planning and prototyping in complex primary total hip arthroplasty PDF (Русский)
O.M. Kosiakov, K.A. Hrebennikov, A.V. Miloserdov, E.M. Fedin, A.A. Nechai, O.A. Haluzynskyi, S.V. Burburska 53-61
Comparative analysis of the stress-strain state of the bone-implant system in bone osteosynthesis using PHILOS plate with various polylactide implants PDF (Русский)
M.O. Korzh, V.B. Makarov, V.I. Lypovskyi, O.V. Tankut 62-69
Experimental study of rat bone strength with a defect filled with bioglass PDF (Українська)
V.M. Shimon, S.P. Alfeldiy, M.V. Shimon, M.Yu. Karpinsky, E.D. Karpinskaya, I.A. Subbota 70-77
PCNA proliferation marker as a prognostic indicator of the effectiveness of neoadjuvant polychemotherapy in women with locally advanced breast cancer PDF (Українська)
Y.V. Dumanskiy, O.V. Bondar, O.I. Tkachenko, E.A. Stoliarchuk 78-83

To General Practitioner

Perspective of clinical application of exosomes PDF (Українська)
P.F. Muzychenko, V.A. Chernyak, O.O. Shevchenko, M.M. Levon 84-87
Diagnostic methods and classifications of aseptic necrosis of the femoral head PDF (Українська)
I.M. Zazirnyi, V.G. Klimovytskyi, I.P. Semeniv, O.M. Mikhalchenko, B.S. Ryzhkov 88-96
Polytrauma and combined injury: what is common and what is different? PDF (Українська)
I.R. Trutyak, Ya.L. Zarutsky, R.I. Trutyak, N.R. Kalinovich, O.V. Obaranets 97-101

Case Study

Case of chronic osteomyelitis of the clavicle with hyperostosis reaction in a fracture PDF (Українська)
V.A. Andreychyn, A.Yu. Pikhmanets, A.F. Travinskyi 102-105