Vol 17, No 4 (2016)

Table of Contents


Consequences of Psychological Trauma in Victims of Traffic Accidents (Analytical Review of the Literature) PDF (Українська)
I.I. Nazarenko, V.I. Ivanov, G.G. Roschin, V.M. Dorosh 7-15
Bisphosphonates: Issues of Long-Term Therapy and Evidence of Efficacy in Real Clinical Practice PDF (Русский)
I.Yu. Holovach 29-36

Original Researches

Genesis of the Structural and Functional Abnormalities and a Hydrostatic Model of Baker’s Cyst PDF (Українська)
О.A. Buryanov, O.L. Boroday, Yu.V. Klapchuk, S.Y. Kalnoy 37-44
Cloning Efficiency of Human Bone Marrow Stem Cells in the Presence of Hydroxyapatite Ceramics Prepared by Microwave and Traditional Sintering PDF (Українська)
H.B. Tovstonoh, L.M. Panchenko, O.Ye. Sych 45-49
Structural Changes of Shoulder Joint in Experimental Modeling of Its Impaired Biomechanics PDF (Українська)
R.O. Serhiienko, S.S. Strafun, S.I. Savosko, A.N. Makarenko 50-54
Piascledin® 300 Efficacy in the Management of Osteoarthritis: Proved in Clinical Trials, Confirmed by European Practice PDF (Українська)
O.P. Bortkevych 55-59
The Strength of Bone-Metal Block for Different Types of Implants Surfaces under the Conditions of Normal Bone and Osteoporosis in Experimental Rats PDF (Українська)
V.A. Filippenko, S.Ye. Bondarenko, M.Yu. Karpinsky, A.I. Zhygun, V.A. Tankut, M. Akonjom 60-65
Preoperative Incidence of Lower Extremity Venous Thrombosis in Patients with Femoral Neck Fractures PDF (Русский)
M.L. Ankin, T.M. Petryk, V.A. Ladyka, V.V. Roіenko 66-69
Clinical and Nosological Characteristics of the Thoracic Component in Victims with Vertebro-Thoracal Trauma PDF (Українська)
S.O. Gurev, Yu.V. Reznichenko, S.P. Satsyk, V.A. Kushnir 70-73
Correlation of Osteoporosis and Vegetative Dysfunction in Rheumatoid Arthritis PDF (Русский)
O.P. Sokrut, E.D. Iegudina, I.A. Geiko, O.V. Syniachenko 74-78
Biochemical and Immunological Markers in Patients with Posttraumatic Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head and Extend Fracture-Dislocation of the Hip PDF (Русский)
S.E. Bondarenko, V.A. Filippenko, F.S. Leontieva, V.O. Tankut, A.I. Zhygun, M. Akondjom 79-85
Quality of Life in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain PDF (Українська)
V.I. Romanenko 86-91

To General Practitioner

Medical Evacuation in the System of Proving Care for Wounded Persons with Gunshot Fractures of the Tibia and Extremity Avulsions during the Antiterrorist Operation PDF (Українська)
S.O. Korol 92-95
Current Potential for Orthosis in Complex Treatment of Talipes Equinoplanovalgus in Childhood PDF (Русский)
A.I. Korolkov, G.V. Kikosh 96-102
New Diagnostic Aspects of Dysplastic Coxarthrosis of ІІІ–ІV Degree of Severity PDF (Українська)
S.I. Gerasіmenko, M.V. Polulyakh, L.V. Perfilova, I.V. Guzhevsky, A.M. Babko 103-107
Clinical and Epidemiological Characteristics of the Victims with Vertebro-Thoracal Trauma PDF (Українська)
S.O. Gurev, Yu.V. Reznichenko 108-112